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2-3 day round trip

130km round trip (Bergamo, Lake Iseo and Lake Endine



Virtually two cities, Bergamo’s walled hilltop “citta’ alta” (upper town) is surrounded by the “citta’ bassa” (lower town), a sprawling modern addition to this magnificent former outpost to the Venetian empire. Although Milan’s skyline to the southwest is visible on a clear day, historically Bergamo was more closely associated with Venice, which was in control of the city for 350 years until Napoleon arrived. Although long dominated by outsiders, Bergamo has retained a strong sense of local identity, perhaps demonstrated most colourfully by the local dialect, which is almost incomprehensible to visitors. Bergamo, with its wealth of medieval, Renaissance and baroque architecture, is one of Italy’s lesser-known highlights, although more and more tourist are now ‘discovering’ this lovely spot thanks to the increase in budget airline traffic into Orio al Serio airport, just 4km southeast of the city.
Several small ski resorts speckle the Bergamo Alps not far from the town. You can park in the upper town overnight and then go the lower town for water and other services. You can find an equipped area at the 'Via crocce rossa' and 'Via Broseta' crossroads.
Iseo Lake is the least known of the lakes. Shut in by mountains, it is carred by industry and a string of tunnels at is northeastern point and around Castro and Lovere, although driving through the blasted rock face at the water‘s edge can be enjoyable.Heading south, you'll come across 'Franciacorta' a patch of rolling countryside that produces excellent wine where, if you're lucky, you can sometimes find the 'cantine' open for some wine tasting, while the mountainous hinterland offers interesting walking possibilities. Riva di Solto and Sarnico with its lovely Liberty villas towards the southern end of the lake, are a couple of fairly unspoilt villages on the western shore with a sprinkling of restaurants (a local speciality is 'tinka' small sardine like fish from the lake). The River Oglio winds up to the lake through the Valle Camonica between two national parks. Walking is the main attraction both here and around Marone on the eastern shore, from where a road winds into the mountains to Zone. Small and quiet Sulzano 12 km south of Marone, is linked by ferry to the lake island of Monte Isola. Iseo, a pleasant, if rather quiet, spot fronting the southern end of the lake, Iseo boasts the first monument commemorating Garibaldi. South of the small town lies a 2 sq km protected weatland, formed from 18th –century peat beds. In the spring the pools are smothered in water lilies. From Iseo you can catch a boat to Monte Isola, Europe’s largest lake island at 5 sq km. Few vehicles are allowed on the streets – cycling is the preferred means of getting around, making the fishing village a peaceful place to stay. Sleeping: in Sulzano a beautiful, guarded area allows an enjoyable and relaxing vacation or in one of the numerous camp sites in the area.
Just a few kilometres away you can find Lake Endine, small but characteristic. If you feel like a gentle stroll by the water's edge and escape the hustle and bustle of the busier lakes then this is the place to be! Ranzanico has got a well equipped camp site near the lake called 'La Tartufaia'.
Sulzano (on Lake Iseo) offers parking in the 'Gerolo'carpark next to the embarkation for Monte Isola, a payment will probably be neccesary. Tel:0039 030 985262.
Iseo, numerous parking areas near the lake or near the hospital.

Days recommended for the trip 3

Total Km of the tour 550 Bergamo,Dolomites



The Dolomites, stretching across Trentino Alto Adige into the Veneto, provide the most spectacular and varied opportunities for walkers in the Italian Alps – from half day rambles to more demanding routes that require mountaineering skills.Trails are generally well marked with numbers on red and white painted bands (on trees and rocks along the trails) or inside different coloured triangles for the Alte Vie (High Routes). Numerous rifugi offer overnight lodging and meals. Tourist offices usually have maps with roughly marked trails, but walkers planning anything more than the most basic itinerary should buy detailed walking maps from bookshops.

Parking lot near the fittingses of gone up again or in the numerous campings.

Days recommended for the trip 3

Total Km of the tour 270 Maggiore and Orta lake



A captivating lake, Maggiore (also known as Lago Verbano) is stunning in parts although itsshores are flatter and less spectacular than its pre-Alpine counterparts.
Fed principally by the Rivers Ticino and Tresa, this lovely lake is about 65km long and lures crowds in July and August. Verbania, area equipped at the street Massara.
Stresa is the main lakeside town. On the lake’s western shore, and officially in the province of Piedmont, Stresa has long been popular with a moneyed British and German crown, and has been likened to an English tearoom – pretty, prim and proper but also a little staid.
Out of season it’s dead, and hotels tend to shut up over winter.
It’s commonly marketed as a base for visiting the Borromean Island (see right), although they car easily be reached from other resorts around the lake too.
Hemingway was one of many writers to seek inspiration on, Maggiore’s shores.
He first set foot in Stresa in 1918 to convalesce from a war wound, and part of one of his novels, a Farewell to Arms, is set here. Stresa park next to the funivia for the Mottarone.
Only 15 km long and about 2.5km wide, Lago d’Orta is entirely within the Piedmont region and is separated from its more celebrated eastern neighbour, Lago Maggiore, by Monte Mottarone.
Orta is surrounded by lush woodlands and, unlike the larger lakes, the area does not swarm with visitors year-round.
The main town on the lake is Orta San Giulio, an idyllic spot with no real sights but lots of cobbled lanes to stroll and medieval squares to sip coffee on.
From the main waterfront square, regular launches make the short trip to the Isola San Giulio, named after a Greek evangelist who apparently rid the island of an assortment of snakes and monsters late in the 4th century.
The island, dubbed the ‘island of silence’, is dominated by the 12th-century Basilica di San Giulio, from where a single footpath – La Via del Silenzio (The Way of Silence) – encircles the island.
There is one museum, the Museo del Regio Esercito Italiano dedicated to military history from 1861 to 1945, and a small pebble beach.
Sacro Monte, behind Orta San Giulio, is dotted with some 20 small chapels dedicated to St Francis of Assisi.
It makes for a pleasant stroll above the town.
Another lakeside spot, accessible by boat from Orta San Giulio, is Omegna, popular for its Thursday market. Orta San Giulio, parking lot to payment in the Panoramic street.

Days recommended for the trip 3-4

Total Km of the tour 240 Verona,Mantua



The ancient heart of the city of Romeo and Giulietta pulsa between Brà
public square, public square of the Grass and public square of the
Getlteman, medieval symbols of a big passed between monuments of roman
age or castles and dwellings, vestigia of the power of the Getlteman of
the Scale. In the alleys and the palaces the romantic and evocative
atmosphere of the vicissitudes of the two shakespeariani lovers is
recalled then, that they make of Verona the city of the sweethearts.
While from the numerous churches, from the Dome to Saint George in
Braida, from Saint Zeno to Sant' Anastasia the Romanesque and gotic city
The province of Mantova occupies the extreme Southeastern border of
Lombardy, one "slice" of territory between the Emilia Romagna and the
Veneto. The province, for the greater campaign part, is covered from the
Mincio river, the Po river and the Oglio river. The city it is situated
on the skillful river of the Mincio that, in proximity of the city,
designs one deep handle, assuming the aspect and the dimensions of lake.

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