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As it was our daughter’s birthday we decided to surprise her by organizing a trip in a motorhome with her best friend. It wasn’t our first trip but this time Carlotta was old enough to realise what was going to happen. We took advantage of the half-term holidays to go to Liguria which can be quite warm at this time of year. Our first stop was in Portovenere in the south west of ‘Levante’. We parked in a car park by the sea and had our dinner in the mptorhome, Carlotta was really excited to spend the night in her ‘new’ home and so was her friend, in fact we didn’t even have to ask them to go to bed… they went by themselves straight after dinner!!
When we woke up the next day the sun was already shinning and we could feel it was warm outside. We walked into town through an ancient archway and made our way to the church of St. Lawrence, built in the XVI century that now houses many fine sculptures and paintings. We then went up to the church of St. Peter’s which affords breathtaking views over the Mediterranean to the islands of Palmaria, Tub and Tinetto.
We then headed for Manarola, parked the motorhome, and walked to the village (to get there we had to climb more than 1000 steps!!). The houses are built on the slops leading to the port where there are colourful boats abound. There is also a very suggestive walk along a path called ‘La Via Delle Amante’ (Lovers’ Way). At lunchtime we ate in a small restaurant overlooking the sea and then made our way to Vernazza stopping frequently to admire the views, namely the castle of Belforte with its cylindrical tower. We did a lot of walking to reach these places so we decided to catch the small train back to Manarola.
The following day we went to Lerici and later in the afternoon to Spotorno where we walked around the narrow streets. The next day there was a street market so we decided to go back again.
And that’s it! Our break had come to an end. Carlotta was really upset that it had passed so quickly but she and her friend had had the time of their lives!!

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