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Finally after having prepared the camper, come on, let's go!!! We depart to the time of oriental south Sicily where it waits us for the warm. We take the highway Bologna - Taranto because all dissuade us the notorious Salerno - Reggio Calabria because of the possible small thefts inside the truck stop. We decide to stop to sleep in an area of service in Abruzzo. The road does more and more him trafficked especially in the Calabrian line where the walk also becomes more and more slow because of the different deviations. After having ferried, we spend the night in the area of service Agip on the line motorway Messina - Taormina. The following day begins the real vacation with the visit of the fantastic Taormina and its spectacular Greek Theater. The camper meanwhile remains parked next to the stairway that conducts in country. For the time of lunch we look for a restaurant. Even if I am even you, they make indeed some exquisite lunch,so we advise to go there. After lunch he leaves again, this time in direction of Caltagirone where we stop in the parking near St. Giacomo, the first one that we meet on the road from Catania, that reveals him very comfortable because next to the most important churches. To the evening it visits of the center and of the famous ceramics shops and, more in center to the country, of the famous stairway. We leave again later the day for Pozzallo, a country on the sea where it waits us for a stupendous beach even if a po too sucker. In the afternoon we cross the road in direction of Capo Passero that coasts along greenhouses and ponds. To the evening we spend the night in the more camping to south of Italy, to Portopalo of Capo Passero. In country it is possible to visit the old tonnara. The following day we visit, to the morning, the Reserve Faunistic of Vendicari. The access is found at the end of a rather narrow path that conducts to a great parking lot and the entry it is free. The oasis offers various runs among dunes and ponds, that allow to observe from near different kinds of migratory birds and small waders. Inside the area a tonnara is found, also unfortunately not visitable because precarious. In the afternoon we depart to the time in Syracuse, where we park in a comfortable area of standstill near the Archaeological Park. We move then there to the old part of the city, called the island of Ortigia. The day later, during the forenoon, we visit the castle of Euralio. The entry is free as the parking lot. The castle is found in panoramic position, in top to a hill. We direct then there, in the afternoon, in camper, toward Pantalica, in the valley of the Anapo, to see the necropolis of the XIII century a.C. d Later to have left the camper to Sortino in a car park next to the road, follow a path that brings to rocky churches and graves, in a rich vegetation and perfumed by wild fennel. The evening begins the reentry. All we are a little embittered because we have to leave indeed an enchanting earth that never stops fascinating us.

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