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My family and I had two weeks of vacation and we have opted for the islands Eolie. The departure was anticipated for the 30 of June. They were direct so toward Genoa where to attend us to the harbour there was the Grimaldi Lines, a spectacular ship rather with swimming pools on board. After the unusual permanence indeed just disembarked to Palermo, we werw direct toward Milazzo, where we had to take a ferry to reach the I harbour of Lipari. Hardly arrivals there are direct to Canneto, five minutes from Lipari, because we would have lodged to the camping “Bay Unci” for at least about ten days. After the first two departed days on the beach really in front of the camping, we have decided to enroll us in the trip in boat that would have coasted along the island of Panarea, rather spectacular, for then to stay on Stromboli and it stuffed a bath. Toward evening we have coasted along this magnificent island instead to be able to observe more from near the eruptions of the volcano. Also the day later we have decided to visit the other near islands choosing as destination Vulcano, indeed unusual forher black sand, for the muds and for her crystalline sea indeed. This time however we have reached away raft, reserved to the harbour of Lipari. There are direct toward Salina by hydroplane the following day, taken to the harbour of Lipari that we have reached away in turn bus, that passes really out of the camping. There we have booked the scooters to be able to make the turn of the whole island. For the lunch you/they had recommended us to go “from Alfred”, so we have reached him/it. He/she eats well indeed and if you go to Salt pan I recommend you of it stuffed a jump, also because it has all the possible and imaginable tastes of granulated. Tired after three days of continuous trips, we have spent other three days to take the sun on the beach of Canneto. Again in footstep, this time direct toward Alicudi and Filicudi, two fantastic islands. The day we were again later ready for the departure on the ferry and then Grimaldi Lines. Has rather been indeed a fantastic vacation for the beauty of the characteristic landscapes where the fun is discounted!!!!!!!!!!!

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