Here you can find listed questions and answers.

Can I bring my own bicycle from home ?
Of course you can! On request all our vehicles (not on van or motorhome with garage) can be fitted with a bike rack from 1 to 4 bikes. We can fit free of charge.
Can I rent a vehicle with automatic drive ?
We're very sorry but all our vehicles have manual transmission.
Can I recharge electrical appliances (eg. mobilephone, digital camera, tablets, etc) on motorhome?
The battery on the vehicle, while driving and when not plugged , is 12V.
You can charge mobiles, tablets or digital cameras, while driving and when not plugged, as on our motorhomes you can find usb plugs 12V.
Just when the motorhome is plugged the battery is 220V.  
Do I need to have a special licence ?
In order to drive one of our vehicles you only need to have a standard driving licence as all the vehicles in our fleet are below 3.5t.
How much autonomy does the vehicle have?
All our vehicles are diesel and have a tank capacity of 70 litres (+10 litres in reserve). However, we recommend not pushing your luck.
All vehicles have two batteries; one for the engine and one for day-to-day use of the motorhome which can last up to maximum 3 days without having to recharge it (both batteries are 12V).
We also supply two gas cylinders, one already attached and the other one completely full. 
A full cylinder gas will last as much as four days during winter season if used moderately and aproximately twenty days during summer season.
A full water tank have a capacity from 100 to 120 liters; it depends on the vehicle you rent. Don't forget you can refill the watertank at campsites or at service station!
Where should I park the vehicle ?
We advise to park the motorhome in a safe and, if possible,  controlled parking.
On board you can find a guide with a list of all the Parking Areas in Italy.
In order to organize your motorhome holidays, you can find a list also on our website, at the dedicated page.
If you're intended to exit Italy, you can find foreign parking areas on these websites: 
www.pleinair.it ; www.turismoitinerate.it ; www.camperonline.it 

You can also download Apps.
If I rent the vehicle in winter, will it get cold inside?
The heating system in the moterhome is more than sufficient to keep it nice and warm inside and the motorhome comes complete with a thermal cover to put inside the windscreen. What's more, the bed kit has got extra padding...just in case!
We also supply snowchains and winter tyres free of charge.
How should I have to use the motorhome?
Once I've left the depot am I on my own?
On delivery day, a full hand over session will be done before you take the motorhome.  A book containing motorhome instrusction will be furnished for the whole rental.
Anyway you're not on your own! You also will be given an emergency mobile phone number which you can call 24hr/24hrs 7 days a week in order to resolve any queries/problems you have.
And don't worry if you can't speak Italian as someone will be able to assist you in English!!
What accessories are included in the price of the rental ?
All our vehicles are equipped with the following: day-glow jacket, emergency triangle, sun-blind, bike-rack, radio, battery charger to use when vehicle is stationed in a campsite, waterpipe to refill water tank, net to hinder falling from overhead beds, thermal windscreen blinds and for winter breaks we also include snow chains and winter tyres.

Bed linen, pillow, towel, and kitchen kit are not provided as standard and offerend to improve our costumers holidays.
For further information on our website there's a dedicated page with a list of the extra kit provided.  
What do I do with my luggage?
Once we have picked you up from the airport and brought you to our depot, explained how to use the motorhome and you have unpacked your suitcases, you can leave them in a safe place in our depot.
While driving, what should i do ?
On motorhome you're obliged to travel as if you were on a car. When driving the vehicle, you must sit on marked seats, putting the seat belts on. It is forbidden to sleep in the beds, lie down on the sofas or walk inside the vehicle. If there were pets (prior authorization) they must be kept in special containers. Remember that before moving with the vehicle all windows and doors must be correctly closed, and make sure that there are no objects that could fall and cause damage to people or things.
What speed can I drive at?
In theory at the same speed as any other four-wheel vehicle. However, we would advise you not to exceed 110 kph on motorways and to mantain a greater distance from the vehicle in front of you due to the weight of your motorhome.

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