From 01/09/2014 To 31/12/2015
  Place: Italy and neighbouring countries
  Cost to: €  100,05 (per person)
 From  1  to  1   persons
Ever thought about renting a motorhome for your honeymoon?
Why not, we've already had quite a few newly-weds coming back from a tour telling us what a wonderful experience it had been!
What makes this experience so different from your average honeymoon is that everything is planned and done together!!
A holiday you'll remember for a long time to come!
The Maldives and The Caribbean are, naturally, popular destinations, but a honeymoon in a motorhome is surely unique!
Together you can decide where to go, when to leave and the route to follow.
We’ll supply you with an itinerary, local info, advice and…a nice surprise!
What’s more, we are offering newlyweds a special discount, all you have to do is add the booking code ‘SPS-2009-10’ when you book on-line and we’ll even throw in a free transfer to/from Bergamo Airport.
What are you waiting for?
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A honeymoon with a difference