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As we had available a long period of vacation, we have taken advantage of the opportunity to rent a camper to live Sardinia. We would ever have been able to imagine that they waited us for so marvelous beaches and a sea as many fantastic.
Reached Piombino whit Motorway/Highway, we embark there with the Line of the Gulves. The ship prepares of various bar,shop and mini club that makes attended him and the trip indeed confortable. We spend the night on board of our mean that remains systematized on the open bridge.
Just disembarked we quickly direct there on the Coast Smeralda. We follow for the coastline of the Orange Gulf , Porto Cervo, Palau, Saint Teresa of Gallura. Even if it is not this the part of Sardinia that we prefer, because of the too constructions and of the impossibility to enter and to stop with the camper in the principal , we enjoy the landscape her evening we reach the new camper service of Vignola Mare, where we will stop for almost a week. This will remain for the whole trip the best area equipped in relationship to the position, to the cost and the calm. We enjoy there so this beautiful coast visiting in long and in wide. Fantastic was the long beach that from Vignola Mare it reaches above still Sand Majori and then up to S.Teresa of Gallura. For the one that has small babies this setup it is excellent and it also allows to make excursions on board of a great boat of a day in the other near places, what the Coast Heaven (Cove I Cooked Them), Red Island, Cove Sarraina and others. For the one that instead loves the adventure you/he/she can rent rafts and to totally rouse isolated paradisiacal beaches. The following day directs there toward Stintino with half day of trip. It is Sunday and the beaches next to Sassari I am full to the improbable one: it is so also for “You Hairy”, note beach to the extreme north of the island. The nighttime parking lot is free, therefore we stop together to other caravan and the following morning we return on the same beach, finding it beautiful however but indeed crowded. We take advantage of it so to make knowledge with caravanmen as us and to exchange us possible information and adventures. The day we immediately depart later to the search of a more reserved beach and we reach so Argentiera,indicataci from just known friends. In our programs it had to be only a panoramic point, one are revealed of instead the places more evocative, arranging also in parking lot where was possible stay to sleep under a starry sky and together with other about ten caravan. An enchanting beach of pebbles and a sea of unbelievable transparency will wait us to the next day.
Logistic demands impose us the search of a camping, therefore in the afternoon we leave unwillingly Argentiera for Alghero, where it welcomes us the camping “Calik”, a good three stars with good services. The zone of Alghero is lent to some excursions of half day every, therefore we decide to take advantage of it. Huntsman deserves the release of some photos: it is impressive indeed, despite the cloudy day. The long and sandy beach Mugoni, on the street of the return, it allows a bath after the excursion of the morning. Same Alghero is a town cleaning up and ordinate, very easy to visit, also because here the tourist information is very taken care of (even to the distributor of fuel gives us a series of depliants). We move there to the Sinis, street Speedway Sassari-Oristano. The beach of Is-Arutas (stings forced for the camerista) introduces him full to the improbable one because it is Sunday. Even if we don't succeed from immediately to appreciate her/it, because we are rather reserved, we know new ready friends to share new experiences together. As it is forbidden to sleep on the camper in the commune of Cabras we move there to the bordering territory of Putzu-Idu for the night. The morning at 9 o'clock can be accessed the beach with the mean and this time the shore it is desert, water passes from the white to the green, to the blue and the blue one and the sand of pebbles it is white-marble. One of the most beautiful beaches of the whole vacation. We take back the Speedway in South direction and, going out to Uras, we continue on mountainous road up to Bugerru. Here one exist some campers service that we have met and are managed by the commune. Few more kilometers before we stop to Domestic Cove. It welcomes us a long beach of sand with tall dunes and a fabulous sea. Here stay for two evenings in a comfort guarded parking lot, to the limit of the beach. We leave again then to the time of the island of St. Pietro and, to do it, faces a breve but very binding line of….. road yard (to define it road would be too much indeed), that dissuade in inverse direction, toward north, because too much steep and slippery for heavy means as the camper. Taken back the road asphalted to the height of the Rock-cliff Bread of Sugar (obligatory photo), we quickly reach Portovesme and we ferry in about 30 minutes to Carloforte. Later the day stops there in a camper-service with water, light, unloadings and nighttime standstill in full center of the country. From here it is possible to make then daily excursions to the various beaches, as well as to the lighthouse, with run-life managed by the Lipu to observe the nests of the birds on the west bluffs of the island. Essential they are the trips in bike.
After a fast ferried by Carloforte to Calasetta, crossing the island of S.Antioco, it connects us to the dry land. Notable the panorama to the right and to the left of the street line that races among the two seas. The coastal road brings us in direction of Head Teulada, Malfatano, Head Spartivento and Tower Chia. Marvelous panoramas on the underlying beach accompany us for the whole possible tour . Is to stay themselves during the street line in special areas to go off photo. We stop there to Chia for six days in a different beach for every day. To describe the beauty of the place and the sea that we here have found is difficult indeed. It will perhaps be enough to say that our next trip to Sardinia will be devoted only to Chia. We direct there toward Cagliari and then in direction of Villasimius. Here we are welcomed also by the camper town service, but without nighttime parking lot: in remuneration the standstill is allowed the motor caravans in the different comfortable squares to the beaches of the zone. We stop there a couple of days. It is Sunday and fortunately the vastness of the beach of Porto Cervo, to west of Villasimius, it allows us to do everything in calm before leaving again for the north of Sardinia. Street Speedway Cagliari-Oristano-Nuoro, has reached Saint Lucy of Siniscola. We decide however to move us to camping to live the last week of vacation in maximum calm. I am however you introduce parking lot if was not wanted to stop in camping. We find good setup to the camping “Selema”, that prepares some direct access to the spiaggione, through pineta. Brief excursions in bicycle allow to make the bath in different points of the shore. We also recommend the trip to the near Beach Berchida, very wild and natural, from true Sardinia. End of the vacation. To get accustomed again in the apartment will be very difficult because with camper we have found very well, in every occasion. The Line of the Gulves ferries again us, with punctuality and comfort toward Lead, from where we will take the highway for the return to house. Unforgettable the departure from Olbia at eight o'clock in the evening, with the vision, for over a hour, of the whole Coast Smeralda illuminated...

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